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Hey Exit is a band from New York that plays downer songs and noise music. As a subscriber you'll get all past and future releases, plus new subscriber-only albums and EPs – instrumental pieces, noise tapes, and the occasional compendium of b-sides, compilation tracks, and other delightful miscellanea.

As Hey Exit becomes more focused and honed in, a need arises for a space to hold all the ideas and feelings that might otherwise get lost in the vault. (And, it's a big vault.) That's what this is for.

Thanks really and truly for your time and ears. It's a really special thing. I hope there's something in here that resonates with you. <3

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Hey Exit
Brooklyn, New York
noise, spirit, etc.


jim goodin
jim goodin thumbnail
jim goodin So far my cat really likes Call To Dusk :) well he really mellowed and bathed but additionally lovely, still air textures.
Continued .. low oscillations going on in A Great Retreat are really close to where I'm at in current Pure Data work. Great piece Brendan!

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