Else 2

by Hey Exit

Invocation 04:30
Ceremony 21:20
Preparation 06:34


Originally released on VF Industrial.

"So writing is the method of using the word as bait: the word fishing for whatever is not word. When this non-word — between the lines — takes the bait, something has been written. Once whatever is between the lines is caught, the word can be tossed away in relief. But that’s where the analogy ends: the non-word, taking the bait, incorporates it. So what saves you is writing absentmindedly."

"What I’m writing to you is not for reading — it’s for being."

– Clarice Lispector, Água Viva


released September 22, 2016

Brendan Landis - baritone guitar, contact mics
Recorded in Brooklyn, Spring 2016




Hey Exit Queens, New York

Hey Exit is Brendan Landis, a composer and performer based in Queens, NY. His work explores themes of animal folklore and symbolism, music as spiritual practice, and contrasting extremes presented as necessary oppposites.

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